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We Offer a Range of
Services to Meet Your Needs


At LMC, our kitting and packaging services are designed to elevate your supply chain efficiency and enhance the presentation of your products. With meticulous attention to detail, we expertly assemble and package your components, ensuring that each product reaches its destination in optimal condition. Our ISO 9001-certified quality management system guarantees precision and consistency in every step of the process. From customized kitting solutions that streamline assembly processes to innovative packaging designs that enhance brand visibility, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier services that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. At LMC, we redefine kitting and packaging, adding value to your operations and ensuring a seamless journey for your products from assembly to the end-user.


LMC takes pride in offering meticulous assembly services tailored to optimize your manufacturing processes. Our skilled team is committed to precision and efficiency, ensuring that each component comes together seamlessly to create a finished product that meets the highest standards. Whether it's intricate electronic devices or complex machinery, our assembly expertise is complemented by our ISO 9001 certified quality management system, guaranteeing the reliability and consistency of our services. At LMC, we go beyond traditional assembly, providing innovative solutions that contribute to your operational excellence. Trust us to bring your components together with expertise, care, and a commitment to delivering outstanding results.


our cutting-edge warehousing and fulfillment services are designed to elevate your logistical capabilities. With six docks for efficient loading and unloading, our climate-controlled facilities ensure the preservation of your products under optimal conditions. What sets us apart is our live inventory tracking system, providing real-time visibility into stock levels, order status, and shipment tracking. This advanced technology, combined with our strategic location, allows for swift and accurate order fulfillment, meeting the demands of a dynamic market. Whether you are managing seasonal peaks or year-round operations, LMC's warehousing and fulfillment solutions offer a reliable foundation for your supply chain success.


At LMC, we thrive on the complexity and uniqueness of custom manufacturing projects. Our commitment is to take on any challenge presented to us, leveraging our expertise, innovation, and skilled workforce to turn your vision into reality. Whether it's a one-of-a-kind prototype or a large-scale custom manufacturing endeavor, we embrace the opportunity to bring creativity and precision to the production floor. Our agile approach allows us to adapt to diverse project requirements, ensuring that each custom solution meets or exceeds the highest standards. At LMC, we don't just meet expectations; we redefine what's possible in custom manufacturing.


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